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Our goal is to train and inspire:

Due to the pandemic, EVC-ECC transformed towards a full online training event with live workshops.

It was fantastic to experience that our concept of remote training was brought to reality during the recent EVC-ECC event. For the first time ever!

The audio visual technicians managed to stream 148 LIVE hands-on workshops from 8 studios in Maastricht, the Netherlands, connecting tutors with delegates who were digitally present in the studio and delegates with observational seats. Using innovative technology, we were able to connect our participants in more than 13.000 workshop seats.
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We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback back from tutors, participants and our medical company partners and we are thrilled with the favorable outcome of our digital training event.
We sincerely thank all of you for your invaluable contribution to the success of EVC-ECC 2021!

The 25th EVC and 5th ECC will take place next year on March 6-8, 2022. Besides organizing the traditional course in Maastricht, we will evaluate how to integrate our digital training experiences into the 2022 overall training EVC-ECC curriculum.

Save the dates!

Maarten Snoeijs on behalf of all EVC directors

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